Reefloat Micro Reactor


to fill with media remove silicone bung with pump attached (pump can be removed from bung for servicing if required) – holding upside down remove sponge and insert media, replace sponge and bung ensuring bung is well pushed into reactor tube. (sponges top and bottom must be in place)

to clean upper sponge remove black plug and rinse as required.

The reactor should be placed in a reasonably clean area, free from detritus or dirt could
accumulate in between the media particles and the filter sponge reducing the flow rate. if this occurs remove pump/bung and clean the sponge. It may also be necessary to rinse the media as well.
if the reactor is not completely filled with media, it causes it to swirl. In some cases this may be desirable but with filter media such as phosphate removers it may heavily cloud the water. these types of filter media should only be agitated slightly.

phosphate removers and carbon should be rinsed prior to use – follow manufacturer guide lines to get the best use of the reactor


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